Thursday, 8 August 2013

How I do my eyebrows

I've always been a massive fan of the Body Shop, from their body butters, to their candles, to their make up. I live for the smell of their satsuma range. Unfortunately they don't do satsuma scented makeup, but if they did, I would be all over it. Delicious. 

Anyway, I've been using their eyebrow pencil for about five years now, because it's pretty much the best colour match I've ever found for me but felt it was time for a change. Now, I didn't go too crazy, I just switched over to their brow and liner kit. Now, this may seem blasphemous to some, but hear me out. After using a pencil for so many years, I began to see the drawbacks, the main one being that it really doesn't look natural. At all. No matter how delicate your strokes, it just looks like you've used an eyebrow pencil. Now, if you like that look, more power to you, but I've recently decided to change up my look, not just my makeup, but the way I dress etc, in an attempt to look more polished. Now, drawn on eyebrows do not a lady make, so I decided to try powder and am amazed at the difference.

I chose the Body Shop's brow and liner kit in 01, which is the lightest shade that they offer. This is due to my having ginger eyebrows (and hair as well, but I'm not putting powder in my hair to make it thicker) and therefore needing something quite light. I use the colour on the left hand side using the Body Shop's slanted brush to apply the powder onto my brows. I find this brush really good for the job because you only need a few sweeps and you're done. The kit comes with some weird little brush thing, which is really hard and scratchy, so I tend to ignore it and just go freestyle. Once I've brushed the powder through my brows, they look so much better- thicker, shapelier and best of all, totally natural. I am a convert. 

Afterwards, I set my brows with Collection's clear mascara. Any old clear mascara will do, and this one was pretty cheap at around £2. It's perfect for the job although I'm not looking forward to it getting really gungy with powder once I've used it a lot. Grim.

I'd definitely recommend this kit for any of you out there who would like natural brows. The fact that there are two colours makes it really versatile, so you could even mix them together to get the best colour match for you. I think it was a tenner, which works for me. I've got a Body Shop card, so got my 10% discount (love it), which is a nice little bonus. I look forward to creating many happy eyebrow memories with it.


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