Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mayfield Lavender Fields

This weekend I visited the Mayfield Lavender Fields, which are just outside of London. It might be a little out of the way but let me tell you, it's worth it. They are gorgeous. They're known locally as the Purple Hazard, as they're on a busy junction and can be quite distracting when in their full, purple force. They don't stay purple for long, so I jumped at the chance to go, camera in tow.

Unfortunately I caught the weather at a bad time and it was a bit overcast, but that didn't distract from the beauty of the fields themselves. There's purple as far as your eye can see. Well, so long as you stand with your back to the car park... I've managed to make it look pretty deserted in these pictures, but they were actually packed with tourists, families and even a bride and groom. They were taking pictures for their wedding album and they looked so happy. I bet those photos are stunning.

It's free to look around and they have a little gift shop, which sells refreshments and lavender related products (oil, wreaths etc) so it's well worth the trip out there. However, be warned that once you've looked round the fields, that's it. There's a park over the road, Oaks Park, which is nice for a wander as well, but don't go expecting to fill up the whole day. Also, be warned that there are a lot of bees. A lot. So, if you're allergic or bee-phobic, take photos from a distance! Still, small prices to pay.

I love going to places like this. It always makes me feel a bit better to get outside amongst natural beauty. Nothing beats taking in something so naturally magnificent, with fresh air in your lungs and the sun beating down on your face. Perfection.

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