Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sweet Charity: Leather Bag

Charity shops are great for finding things that you weren't directly looking for, but wouldn't mind owning anyway. Every time I've gone in with something specific in mind, I've never found it. I used to think that if I believed hard enough, there would be a Mulberry bag just begging me to snap it up for a tenner, but alas, I have dealt with the crushing reality that it will never happen. Instead, I've lowered my expectations to a more realistic level. 

I was actually on a hunt for a leather waist belt a while back (still haven't found one argh) and stumbled upon this gorgeous shoulder bag. It's made from a sturdy, tan leather and has a couple of different compartments inside. It's the perfect size for mooching about town and only cost me £9.99 from British Heart Foundation, which is an absolute steal. 

I enjoy finding little gems in charity shops and now try to buy things that I will actually use. I've bought my fair share of polyester monstrosities in the past, naively believing that I can somehow make them work, only to inevitably donate them back again. I've had a bit of a renewed vigour for charity shopping recently and enjoy taking the time to browse and find some bargains, the more unusual the better.


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