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Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask Review

I go through phases of being obsessed with Lush. Really, really obsessed with Lush. Then I go off it and won't go in for months. No real reason, I just like to switch things up. Recently, however, my skin has been feeling a little so-so, and I know that the Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask is one thing that always sets it straight.

Miracle in a pot

I actually had five empty Lush pots stocked up, so moseyed on down to my local Lush store and exchanged them for the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. This is the best thing about Lush. Well, that and the free samples haha. Forever a cheapskate.

Personally, I think that this is the best Lush face mask, since it's hydrating, soothing and cleansing. It really peps my skin up and makes it glow. It's a good face mask for my dry skin, although I've been assured that it works on all skin types.

It works better than it looks!

I've tried two other Lush face masks, Oatifix and BB Seaweed, but have found Catastrophe Cosmetic to be the best. The other two were good, but I felt that I could easily make Oatifix at home, and BB Seaweed was such a grim smell that I couldn't get on board with it. However, there are no such problems with the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask.

Mmmm clay...

The main ingredient in Catastrophe Cosmetic is blueberry, which gives it its distinctive blue colour. I was a little put off at first by the bits of blueberry in the mask, but aside from looking a little odd, they're inoffensive. The mask also contains Irish Moss, Almond Oil, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Essential Oil and a few other ingredients. These combine to make a deep cleaning face mask that really makes a difference and seriously reduces your spots.

This video explains it a bit better than I can:

I must add that when I first started using the face mask, it did cause some spots to appear, but this is a good sign (apparently). It means that the face mask is working and drawing out all the gunk. After I use it, my skin feels very soft, hydrated and most of all, clean. I can see a noticeable difference in the look and feel of my skin, which is what makes it my favourite face mask. It almost plumps my skin and evens my skin tone out. A definite plus, since I have quite a bit of redness.

The one annoying thing about these face masks is that you have to keep them in the fridge and use them within three weeks. However, I usually use the mask two times a week, since if you're careful with it, you can get six uses out of it. So, it's not really an issue, so long as you actually remember to use it!

The texture of the mask is clay-like and it's pretty thick. I'd recommend taking it out of the fridge five or so minutes before you use it, so that it softens slightly, as it can be a little difficult to apply when hard. Luckily the smell of this one doesn't make me dry heave like some of the others; Cupcake I'm looking at you (I really don't like chocolatey smells in products, so sue me). It's actually quite a pleasant smell once you get used to it.

I just like blueberries, ok?

I leave Catastrophe Cosmetic on for about 10-15 minutes, or until it has constricted and I can't move my face. I then wash it off and moisturise as usual. You don't necessarily need moisturiser, but I feel so wrong not doing it!

I really like this mask once in a while for a moisturising boost. It gets a little pricey to buy these face masks too often, since you have to remember to use them, or they go to waste. They're also £5.95 each (or free if you have 5 empty pots), so not a bargain, but definitely worth it! I really like Catastrophe Cosmetic, since its a great all rounder and I think that its the best Lush face mask. Well, that I've tried anyway. 

Have you got any recommendations for your favourite face mask, Lush or otherwise?

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  1. Hey, you should try Lush' chocolate face mask, it's amazing!
    Also I have nominated you for The Leibster Award on my blog! If you haven't already done it, then you should!

    1. Ooh I haven't tried that one. I'll give it a go!

      Thanks so much for nominating me! I've already done a post, but I really like your questions, so might have to answer them anyway!!

  2. Hey great review! I love Lush, particularly their face masks! I always use the Love Lettuce mask but will definitely have to give this one a try! xx

    1. Thank you! Me too :) they're so good! Love Lettuce is a good one, but you should definitely try Catastrophe Cosmetic! It's just so good!!


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