Friday, 9 August 2013

Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara Review

Now, I'm always in the market for a new mascara and the other day I came across one in a very unusual way- a hand me down! My mum had been sucked in by Max Factor's Wild Mega Volume Mascara's snazzy ad campaign and had bought a tube. In her own words, "I don't know why I bothered." Oh. She was not happy. She's been using the same mascara for years and years and keeps going back to it, eschewing any others, so perhaps not likely to be a happy customer. She said that this one was useless and made no difference to her eyelashes whatsoever. Right. Not a great introduction to a product, then.

However, I was not put off. Her favoured mascara, Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara, does absolutely nothing for my eyelashes, so, I offered to take the Max Factor mascara off her hands and try it. I really don't like to see a good beauty product go to waste. Now, I know it can be a bit dodgy to share mascaras, but I'm pretty sure my mum doesn't have conjunctivitis or anything, so it's fine in this case. Probably not a good idea to use one that you found on a park bench though.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting much, since my mum said that it did absolutely nothing for her, but I kept an open mind and was actually pleasantly surprised!

First thoughts on the tube, a little garish, but it does make it easy to find in your make-up bag. It's quite a bulky tube, so make sure you've got a lot of space! The design is pretty basic, and I don't like the lime green, but then again, you shouldn't really be buying mascara based on how the tube looks. It's what's inside that counts...

Talking of what's inside, the wand is a little odd. It's made of bristles (not plastic), has an hourglass shape (got dem curves) and feels like a giant's mascara wand. Compared to a lot of other mascara brands, Max Factor seems to favour these massive wands. I used to think that dainty wand meant natural look and massive wand meant spider lashes, but not in this case. Still, I don't really like the wand. It's quite tricky to manoeuvre, since it's so big and I don't really know why it gets thinner in the middle. I'm sure there's some sort of ergonomic reason, but it seemed a little unnecessary to me. It does the job, but it's quite clunky. Still, it's all about what it does to your eyelashes.

As you can see from the pictures, it does make a difference! Quite a significant one at that. Max Factor bills Wild Mega Volume as a volumising mascara, whereas I would describe it more as a lengthening mascara, since it didn't clump or make my lashes spidery. It gave a lot of separation and lift and made my eyelashes look much longer. I think, since the formula isn't very thick, it also looks quite natural and I would use this as a day time mascara. I'm sure if you put on more than one coat, it would probably thicken your lashes considerably and could look very dramatic. However, that's not really my style, so I kept it at one coat.

I have to say, though, it was awful at getting my bottom lashes and I had to do a significant amount of clean up with a cotton bud, as I had mascara all over my skin. Not a good look. I think this is due to the size of the wand and once I got them it was fine, but it was just a little messy.

Unlike my mum, I was impressed with this product. It costs about £7, which is on the cheap side for a good mascara and I do like it. I don't love it, but it performed better than I expected. It should probably be noted, that since it didn't work for my mum, who has coarser eyelashes than I do, it may not work for everyone.

Final verdict: Good volume and lift, but messy to apply due to large brush.


  1. This is the one I reviewed the other day. I really liked it. The formula thickens after a while and gives a fuller and more volumised look. LL x

    1. Yeah, I agree about it thickening. My eyelashes did look a little different as the day wore on!


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