Thursday, 8 August 2013

Stila Convertible Colour Poppy review

As a treat to myself for getting a new job, I thought I'd buy a product that I'd been eyeing up for a while, Stila's Convertible colour in Poppy. I've tried this on my lips in Boots so many times and I thought that since this was an occasion that deserved celebrating, I'd bite the bullet and go for it. But this was not without some trepidation. It's probably the most expensive make up item that I own at £16 (whaaat?!), so I'm going to have to take extra good care of it! Eek.

Now, the product itself comes in really cute packaging.. It's a lovely mirrored compact, which is sleek, feminine and pretty sturdy. The product is unlikely to smash in your bag, since it's a creamy consistency, which is always good. I hate smashed powders. You just can't take them anywhere... I've been looking to move into cream blushers, since I've got dry skin and powder is really not a good look on dry patches. This, thankfully, does not aggravate my dry skin and instead leaves a dewy glow.

Now, let's address that colour. I have to admit that when I first saw it, I immediately dismissed it. It looked absolutely terrifying in the pan and I thought that there was no way that something that intense would suit me. I was sure that it would clash with my freckles, but after extensively trying the other colours in the range, and probably irritating every Boots employee in South London in the process, I settled on Poppy, a striking red. I did like some of the other colours, like Lilium and Gerbera, but I found them a little too neutral for my taste. Despite my early apprehension, Poppy doesn't come out as it looks in the pan. Well, not unless you layer and layer and layer it. Which I would not recommend, especially not on your cheeks. Yikes.

Instead, Poppy comes out a gorgeous, subtle red on my lips. I must admit, that I am mainly thinking of using this as a lip product for the minute, since I'm trying to sort out my cheek skin situation, but if you just use a little bit on a stippling brush, like this one from Real Techniques, you can get a lovely, light blush colour. Since I do naturally flush red (thanks genes), it does tend to look more natural on me, than say an orange blusher. I must admit that it does look quite pretty, but only when used sparingly. I don't want tomato cheeks. I like that it's matte and creamy and feels reasonably moisturising, which is probably due to it being oil based. I think I'll get a lot of use out of it, although that doesn't totally justify the price tag.

I did have a look around for some dupes before shelling out 16 quid, but I couldn't find anything that quite matched up. So, for now I like it, but I just wish it was slightly cheaper, because I'd really like to try some other colours. I'd recommend this for those looking for subtle, flattering, day time make up. It fits more into an English Rose look, than a clubbing one, although of course, it is wearable for any situation really. 

Final verdict: Great natural colour, perfect treat purchase!


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