Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Travel inspiration: Devon

I was watching Fat: the Fight of my Life the other day (I know, I know) and was suddenly struck with inspiration, and no, not the inspiration you're thinking of, although I could do with a bit of that too... Jessie Pavelka, the trainer, took Darren, the contestant (is that the right word?) to Woolacombe beach in North Devon to work out. I was struck by how stunning that beach was and am now cooking up a long weekend in my head.

This beautiful photograph is from http://www.devon-photography.com/
This evocative image is from http://www.devon-photography.com/

Turns out I know next to nothing about Devon and I really need to rectify this. I enjoy taking holidays in England, because I think you can get caught up in wanderlust and forget about the beauty on your doorstep. I took a similar holiday in Bath last year, which I might blog about actually, and it was so refreshing to not have to worry about currency, flight times, language barriers and the like. I do like going abroad and broadening my world view, but for a quick break, another county is a great option.

At the moment, this plan is still in its infancy, so if anyone has any suggestions for anywhere to visit, I'm all ears. I'm thinking I might start in Exeter and then make my way up to the more rural beaches in the North, but who knows? Devon has a lot to offer.


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