Monday, 9 September 2013

Ben's Cookies are delicious. Seriously.

I have a confession to make, I am a serious sugar fiend. I am addicted to that saccharine goodness, to that sugar high, to the knowledge that it's bad, but also so good.
I am well aware that this is an awful habit, a terrible habit. I know that I need to change it and I know that it's bad for me no matter how I try to spin it, but you can't change the habits of a lifetime overnight...especially not when you walk past Ben's Cookies after work and they just smell so. damn. good.

Ben's Cookies Milk Chocolate Praline
So melty, so delicious, so sinfully good
I first came across Ben's Cookies in Bath and was impressed. Having been brought up on Roald Dahl novels, I immediately recognised Quentin Blake's etchings and had to have a peek inside. The shops are quite charming. For one thing, they smell amazing and the counters are piled high with delicious cookies. You can't go wrong, really. This charm is only really ruined in the London branches, where they often have queues out the door. Good for business, but not for dining in.

Ben's Cookies have 14 different flavours. I haven't sampled the full range. Yet... I do however, recommend the Milk Chocolate Praline cookie (pictured above). One thing that Ben's Cookies pride themselves on is having chunks of chocolate, rather than chips. This means that when you bite into the cookie, the chocolate melts in your mouth. Delightful. I must admit that the chocolate chunk cookies are better than the others. The coconut one especially is a bit paltry in comparison. So, if want a good one, go for chocolate.

Ben's Cookies Carnaby Street
This is the outside of the Carnaby Street branch, in case you cared

In comparison to say, Millie's Cookies, I definitely prefer Ben's Cookies. They're much heartier and taste less manufactured. I can't really vouch for how they are made, and whether they are as authentic as they look, but the Quentin Blake drawing certainly makes them much quainter! I can't remember exactly how much it cost, but I don't remember thinking it was overpriced, so get yourself down to a Ben's Cookies if you can and treat yourself to something sweet.
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  1. Going through your blog makes me hungry ahahaha....which is good cos i need to gain a little bit weight. Love your post. Regards Patchoulii-Flog


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