Monday, 2 September 2013

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in London- Mildred's!

For all you meaties out there, don't worry, this is not going to turn into a Morrissey-esque Meat is Murder ranty post, far from it! I'd just like to recommend one of the best restaurants in London, Mildred's
Inside of Mildred's restaurant, Soho
Excuse the retail was payday
Mildred's is a vegetarian restaurant, but all you carnivores out there who need meat for flavour, will not even notice that it's not there. Every dish is so flavoursome and well balanced that you won't even notice the absence of meat. A lot of vegetarian dishes in standard restaurants are flavourless, paltry and limp, but not at Mildred's! 
Mildred's menu is small, but perfectly formed. With around 10 mains to choose from, ranging in price from £8.50 to £10.50, there's something for everyone. They also have a specials board, which changes daily. I would highly recommend whichever crumble they have on, or the burgers which are always delicious. 
The puddings and starters are also delicious. I like the gyoza dumplings to start and you cannot go wrong with a chocolate and peanut butter brownie!
The atmosphere in Mildred's is pretty laid back, with a slightly quirky decor, but not obnoxiously Pinterest. The staff are friendly and chatty and well, cool. Mildred's has a lot of cool customers, being in Soho, so it's fun to sit and people watch, or stalk, whatever you want to call it.
The big draw for me are the sweet potato chips/fries, whatever you want to call them. They. Are. Delicious. Omg. I find myself wanting them as a side to whichever dish I pick, whether it be a curry, burrito, whatever. Although I am perfectly aware that they don't go, they're just that good!
A review, wouldn't be complete without obnoxious pictures of what we ate now would it? I went with my lovely friend, Izzy, who also has a blog; Isabel's GF Kitchen. Read it...or else...haha.
Now, onto the pictures;
Drinks in Mildreds Restaurant Soho
Is that an ombre juice I spy?
I went for a juice (Apple, Orange, Ginger, Celery and Lime to be exact) and Izzy went for a Bellini. They were both delicious. The good thing about the juice is that you can choose exactly what you want to go in it from a list. It was tempting to just bung everything in, but I behaved myself.

Vegetarian Burger with Sweet Potato Fries in Mildreds Restaurant Soho
Aren't they so beautiful? Those gorgeous chips...
We decided to be sensible and skip starters, since we wanted pudding haha. I went for the Burger of the Day, which was made of courgette, pepper and tofu. It had quite a chickeny texture, but didn't taste of chicken. The sweet potato chips were of course delicious :)

organic energising detox salad from mildreds restaurant soho
Homer Simpson once said that you don't make friends with salad. He was wrong.
Izzy went for the Organic Energising Detox Salad with Tofu, which she was very impressed with. It looked good from where I was sitting. I did get a little food envy, but then I remembered my sweet potato chips and all was right with the world.

peanut butter and chocolate brownie from mildreds soho
Drooling indefinitely
For pudding, we both shared the Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownie. My goodness it was delicious. It wasn't too sweet, which was a nice touch and there was more than enough for both of us, since it was so rich. I liked the swirly thing they did with the sauce. Very avant garde. Divine.
It was a really good night and I would recommend Mildred's to anyone, yes even die hard carnivores. Give it a go and you'll be surprised. I take all my meaties there and they are always impressed. I was still stuffed from dinner the next morning, so you won't go hungry!
I really think that Mildred's is the best vegetarian restaurant in London, so head on down to Soho and check it out!
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