Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Car Boot Sale Bargain: Mac Romp Eyeshadow for 20p!

I love Car Boot sales. They are a British institution. I even like watching programmes about them. Car Booty is great trash tv. Bargain Hunt is so so tense. I get a real thrill from bargain hunting and I seriously hit the jackpot  at one the other day. I found a decent Mac eye shadow for 20p. 20 freaking pence! That's £12.30 off the retail price. Or a 98.4% saving in Extreme Couponing terms! So bargainous, so good.

Mac Eye Shadow Romp
Mac Romp. 20p. What a winner

Now, I'd like to add that I do actually like the colour and there is no way in hell that I'd buy one for the sake of it. Say, for example if it was bright blue, or yellow, I would've left it behind. It just turned out to be a gorgeous browny-gold colour called Romp. Score. After a quick Google, it turns out that Romp is now discontinued, which is a shame, since I actually quite like it.

I don't actually own any of the singular Mac eye shadows, so was intrigued to see what it was like. It's good quality, which didn't surprise me. The pigmentation is excellent and it applies really well. I wore it out last night and it stayed put through mad dashes through a sweaty London tube and the Soho streets to get to the theatre on time, so well done, Mac. 

Apparently this is a 'frost' eye shadow, which I think means that it's shimmery without being glittery. Not bad. I think it's wearable for both daytime and night time and could easily be blended with other colours.

Mac Eye Shadow Romp Swatch
It's sort of the same colour as my freckles ha
Mac Eye Shadow Romp Swatch
What was I looking at?! Probably my hideous purple carpet

I own quite a few neutral brown eye shadows and I can see myself getting quite a lot of use out of this one. I'm not sure that I would've necessarily spent £12.50 on it (I'm a cheapskate at heart), but for 20p you really can't go wrong! Thank you car boot sale!

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