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Controversial Lush Soot Ball Bath Bomb Review

Warning! Do not buy the Lush Soot Ball Bath Bomb. Oh wait, you can't, they've recalled it from the website and it is no wonder. This was actually the worst bath bomb I've ever tried, but I'm almost glad that I did because it gave me a good laugh.

Lush Soot Ball up close
It looks so sweet and innocent. It's a demon.

I have never been so disappointed by a Lush product. I've written about other bath bombs quite recently, which are so much better. This bath bomb was such a flop, honestly I don't know what Lush was thinking. It's no surprise that they have pulled Soot Ball from the website after a lot of negative reviews and probably a lot of complaints. I picked it up in store because it looked cute, but you know, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and in this case, that saying has never been truer.

Spirited Away Soot Balls
Adorable little soot balls

But you know, let's try and be at least a little bit objective...

Ok, so on the positive side: it looks cute. It's based on one of the Soot Balls from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away,l which is a sick film if you haven't seen it. Those cheeky little soot balls are pretty cute, as you can see from the picture. This bath bomb wasn't very expensive, at £2.50, so I didn't waste too much money buying it! It's from the Halloween collection and I um like Halloween? Ok, let's be real here, that's about it.

Lush Soot Ball aerial
The calm before the storm...

It's one of Lush's smaller bath bombs, and as I said in my last post about bath bombs, I'm not usually very impressed with Lush's smaller bath bombs and this one did not buck the trend. It is terrible! It smells awful, it stains your bath black, it looks like, well, wee.

Right, now brace yourself for this picture. It's not pretty.
Lush Soot Ball Bath
I feel a bit sick looking at this
What the hell were they thinking? I mean, without being too crass, I don't particularly want it to look like I'm bathing in urine. I've noticed that Lush don't make the interiors of their bath bombs red, so they don't look like blood, so why have they made this one yellow? Soot Ball really, really disappoints. I don't particularly like saying bad things about Lush, because I generally love them, but my goodness this bath bomb is grim.

Soot Ball is coated in a black glittery substance which stains your bath. I honestly spent about 45 minutes scrubbing the tub to get it out. When I dropped the bath bomb in, it immediately sank to the bottom. Not a good sign, since all the others float and fizz. It just sunk and turned this horrible dehydrated urine colour.

Lush Soot Ball in action
What even is this? So disgusting. It looks like sludge

The smell was unpleasant as well. Who knows what it was meant to smell like, because it just smelt rotten to me. It didn't particularly do anything for my skin and it certainly did nothing good for my bath, since it stained the bottom black! I couldn't really get a picture of it bubbling or changing colour, because it just made the water murky, and then yellow. It was as if Soot Ball was sulking at the bottom of the tub. 

However, it did give me a good laugh. I couldn't believe what it looked like, so chose to see the funny side, rather than getting irritated. In all honesty, I really hope they don't bring Soot Ball back. Ever. And if they do, they'd better change everything about it except the appearance. Sorry, Lush. The Soot Ball Bath Bomb is a failure.

The bottom line: If you see this in Lush, don't buy it. If someone offers it to you for free, don't try it. Just don't. Just don't.
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  1. Actually some of their better bombs also sink to the bottom (Phoenix Rising, etc.) so that's clearly your misguided opinion and not a fact.

  2. So White is red inside.....


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