Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mini Lush Haul

I know, I know, I reviewed Phoenix Rising the other day, but I just can't resist Lush's bath bombs! Or bath melts. And the other day I went in and picked up three new ones: Bombardino, Lord of Misrule and Star Light, Star Bright. I saw that the Halloween and Christmas collections had arrived and went in to have a look,  but then ended up buying a few. Naughty, naughty. Lord of Misrule is from the Halloween collection and Bombardino and Star Light, Star Bright are for Christmas. I'm so excited to use them!

Star Light, Star Bright
Star Light, Star Bright: £3.30

Star Light, Star Bright is a bath melt, which means that it's softer and creamier than a bath bomb. I'm intrigued to see how sparkly this is because as soon as you touch it, your hand is covered with silver glitter! I'm sure this will dissipate somewhat in the bath. I'm very intrigued by Star Light, Star Bright, as I've not actually tried a bath melt before and am hoping for good things. The main ingredient in this one is shea butter, which I know is really good for my skin, so I'm optimistic for a good bath.
Lord of Misrule
Lord of Misrule: £3.30
This bath bomb is from the Halloween collection and the shop assistant said that it had popping candy in it! How exciting! Lord of Misrule is quite an odd name, apparently it's inspired by Pagans, so, ok I suppose that fits in with the Halloween theme. It contains Black Pepper oil, so that will be very interesting. It smells alright, so we'll see how that smell manifests itself in the bath. I don't particularly want to smell like an over-seasoned soup, but I trust Lush not to do that to me.

Bombardino: £2.50
Last but not least is Bombardino, a little bath bomb. It is quite small, so I wonder how effective it will be. I usually go for the big ones, like Dragon's Egg, and the only other time I've used a small one I was not at all impressed with it. I can't remember what it was called, but it was a limited edition Easter or Mother's Day one and it was green with a pink flower on it and it was pretty ineffective. So, anyway, I'm hoping Bombardino isn't like that! It smells of lemon, so that's a good start! 

I'll keep you updated once I've actually used them, and since I like to use one a week, it might be a while.

Also, if you were wondering about the background- they're just colourful doilies from Poundland- 30 for £1. Pretty good bargain if you ask me.

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  1. Lush has so many fun things to choose from at the moment. I placed an order yesterday and can't wait to get a big box of bath goodies :o). Xx

    1. Ooh hope your order arrives soon! Lush is my favourite :)


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