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Free things to do in London | The Saatchi Gallery

I asked on twitter the other day which gallery I should go to in London and the lovely Chew from My Style Stories suggested that I visit the Saatchi Gallery. She had written a post about it, and this immediately motivated me to go, as I had never been before! It also meant that I got out the house and didn't spend all day eating leftover Halloween chocolate...oops.

Saatchi Gallery Exterior
I do love a good exposed brick wall

Anyway, the Saatchi Gallery is really easy to get to. It's just off the King's Road in Chelsea, which is of course, full of very glamorous people! It's about a five minute walk from Sloane Square tube, so not difficult to get to at all. Although it may prove difficult to resist going into all the shops on the King's Road. I did manage, I'm on a beauty spending ban, you know!

The Saatchi Gallery, like many of London's art galleries and museums is free to look round. I am so grateful for this, because it means you can revisit as many times as you want and not feel like you have to cram everything into one visit. If I do that, I feel like all the art is too overwhelming to take in and I get a little fatigued! Anyone else? Or just me...

Telephone Pole
The sky was so beautiful and crisply Autumnal

The Saatchi Gallery specialises in contemporary art, so if you're looking for oils of past Kings and Queens, look elsewhere. I mentioned in an earlier post, that I'm currently taking art history evening classes, which I am very much enjoying. This is a different style of art to what is covered in those classes, but I think it's a good idea to see a wide spectrum of work and not limit myself to what we studied last (saints and sinners, in case you were wondering).

Saatchi Gallery Entrance
I also like a good pillar. Very grand

The gallery exhibits work by largely unknown British artists, or overseas artists who rarely show their work in Britain. I think this is a great idea, since you're seeing new talent that's really on the cutting edge. The Saatchi Gallery is housed within a beautiful old building, which I think adds to the charm. I really enjoying wandering round and looking at all the pieces on display. I do find that everyone does a funny little walk, stop, stare, nod and move on at galleries. Must be the accepted way of appreciating art ha ha.

Tom Thayer's Stillness. I love the feeling this evokes

My favourite piece was part of the Paper collection and was Tom Thayer's Stillness. It made me feel very serene and calm. Sometimes I can have quite a visceral reaction to some of the more accusatory contemporary art, but I really enjoyed the mood of Stillness. Of course, I have to mention the stunning installation by Marcelo Jácome, Planos-pipas n17, which was drawing quite a crowd! I think big installations are always popular.
Planos Pipas N17
The amazing Planos-Pipas n17! It was one of the most popular in the gallery

I enjoyed looking at a different type of art, to the sort I study on Wednesday evenings and feel like I've come away inspired. I really enjoy being around talent, and the Saatchi gallery is bursting with it. Not all of the pieces were to my personal taste, but there's always something to be learnt from your reaction to different pieces.

Mothership by Silke Schatz

I'd recommend popping into the Saatchi Gallery if you have a spare minute. Contemporary art may not be to everybody's taste, but there's plenty of innovation to keep you interested, even if you're not a fan of "art". Or, of course, there's always the King's Road if the Saatchi Gallery doesn't float your boat.

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  1. Nice photos and a great recommendation. London has so much to offer that doesn't cost a fortune :O). Xx

    1. Thanks! London really is amazing for cheap dates haha


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