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Visiting Southampton | Weekend Away

Last weekend I took a trip down to Southampton to visit my brother and his friends in their admittedly very cushy student house. I'd only ever been down to Southampton a couple of times, mainly to look at Southampton University, which is where my brother is currently studying, and to do a little shopping in West Quay. I did a Southampton OOTD when we took him back to uni in September, but I didn't really go too crazy with the pictures. So, when I went down to stalk visit him last weekend, I took my DSLR and got snapping!

Macbook Air Early Morning
My dreams have finally come true *___*
My ulterior motive for visiting was that I paid my brother to buy me a Macbook Air, since he gets a student discount. I was absolutely thrilled, as I have wanted one for about ten years now and had never quite plucked up the courage to part with all the cash. Until now. And let me tell you, it is so worth it. I am delighted. I'm still getting used to it, especially since some of the keys are in different positions and some of the shortcuts are different- ctrl + click instead of right click...madness! But I am really loving it so far. 

I've gone on a bit of a new tech binge recently, what with buying my Nikon D3200 DSLR and my urbanears headphones, but I think I'm done for now. I am thrilled with what I do have and I think it's so rewarding to save up for something that you really want, rather than squandering your money on impulse purchases. (Yes, I'm still on a beauty spending ban, and yes I'm still sticking with it!)
Sprinkles Gelato Southampton Waffles
So bad for you, but so good. I think I've had my fill for waffles for the next 5 years

I asked my brother to show me the sights of Southampton, so he took me to a very popular cafe called Sprinkles Gelato in Portswood. It's a slightly gaudy ice cream parlour with loads of different flavours (hellooo mint choc brownie) and incredible waffles about the size of my head. I went for the Banoffee Waffle, which is, as you can imagine, a waffle topped with banana and toffee sauce. Delicious, but so filling! It was pretty reasonably priced at £4 as well. Although I would not recommend having this for lunch as I did- my head took a while to recover from the sugar overdose...

Sprinkles Gelato was very full, and obviously very popular. There were two different birthday celebrations going on, where they'd dim the lights and bring out a waffle with a candle in it. So fancy, and not at all embarrassing..! I was not really in the mood for ice cream, since it was so cold, but the flavours ranged from the standard vanilla, to the rather quirkier jammy dodger, so it would be good to return in the summer to check those out.

University of Southampton Campus
A secret garden...sort of

My brother also showed me around the Southampton University campus. I'd looked round it years before when I was deciding which uni to go to, but decided against Southampton in the end. The campus is one of the aspects that drew me to the university in the first place (what can I say- I'm easily swayed by greenery) and the campus was looking very autumnal. I'm trying to improve my photography skills, so took some pictures of the campus:

University of Southampton Campus
Spot the bin in the background...

University of Southampton Campus
With a little bit of snow, this would feel very Christmassy

University of Southampton Campus
My brother looking wistfully into the middle distance ha ha

University of Southampton Sign
It took quite a long time to find an actual sign. How am I supposed to know where I am?!

University of Southampton Campus
The library was my favourite building. I love a good bit of red brick

Brick Wall Hester Lierre
Another brick in the wall

A not very exciting OOTD for you- I went for functional overy fashionable, since it's very cold at the moment. Also, I couldn't be bothered with taking 200 pictures of myself from different wistful angles, with close ups of all the detail on my clothes. You get the picture- it was cold, so I wore lots of layers. To be honest, it's a bit of a blogger bugbear of mine (who decided that you needed 10+ pictures of an outfit to get the idea?!) and I can't really see myself being like that, but then again, stranger things have happened.

Chilly OOTD

Coat: Oasis
Grey top: River Island
Grey lightweight hoodie: Slazenger
Blue hoodie: From uni
Tartan scarf: Primark (recent!)
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Miss KG
Satchel: eBay

Urban Street Southampton
So studenty, so suburban

We had a good wander around, and then went to a fireworks display in the evening, which was set to classical music. Not a favourite of mine, but the fireworks were very impressive. I find that if you go to too many firework displays, then you stop ooh-ing and ash-ing and just start yawning, but this one was spectacular. 

Southampton Docks Fireworks
Boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon (great lyrics, there)

Southampton Docks Fireworks
I think this was part of the finale. It's certainly gorgeous either way

So, there we have it, my little sojourn around Southampton. I would have liked to visit some more of the sights, and seen a few museums, but when there are waffles to eat, who can resist?

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