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Yorke Design Hanging Flower Light Shade Review | Lotus

Flower Shade Lotus
A beautiful lampshade from Yorke Design

I think I'm in love…with a lampshade. I bought the Lotus shaped Hanging Flower Light Shade from Yorke Design and I cant stop staring at it. It's absolutely stunning and a perfect start to my room redecoration plans. I had been looking for a stylish lampshade and found it in this Lotus design. Divine.

I recently visited the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, and to be honest, sort of hated it. You can read my ranting on about it in my previous post on it, if you so wish. It was just, well, not my style, but when I stumbled across the Yorke Design stall, I knew that it had all been worth it. 

Flower Shade Lotus Box
It's very flat- but don't worry, there is a lampshade in there!

I have been thinking about redecorating my room for quite a while, but didn't really know where to start. I wanted to change the walls, and then the curtains and then the carpet and then I got in all of a muddle trying to decide on a theme and in the end, pushed it to the back of my mind. After all, it's not a priority. However, when I stumbled across this lampshade, plans sprung up in my head and it all made much more sense. Anyway, enough of my rambling, onto the lampshade.

Richard Yorke, the designer behind the flower shades has produced three different flower inspired lampshades: Lily, Snowdrop and Lotus (the one I went for). Every design comes in white, but Lotus has a wider colour range- with black, grey, yellow and red also to choose from. The lampshades are made from polypropylene and are ethically made, which is always good. After some deliberation, I went for white, because it was the most neutral. It was a tough choice picking between the three flower designs, but I went for Lotus in the end, because it was the biggest! 

Flower Shade Lotus Construction
The instructions and flat pack petals
After I'd chosen my desired lampshade, Richard handed me a flat packet, which surprised me- I thought the lampshades would come fully formed- turns out you have to build them yourself. Not a massive issue, but I thought my days of IKEA flat packs were behind me! Thankfully, no screwdrivers are needed in construction, just the provided plastic petals.

My only gripe with the product is that it says on the website that you can construct the lampshade in 5-20 minutes. Ahahaha. More like 50 minutes. Maybe other people would be able to do it quickly, but I found it quite fiddly. This does not put me off the lampshade at all, in fact, I'm even more chuffed with it because I feel proud that I eventually figured it out! It could have something to do with ignoring the instructions, but hey, I was impatient to put it up!

I like the mixture between modern design and natural influences and think that this lampshade makes a perfect centre piece in my room. It's £44.95 online, and I bought it for £30 at the Ideal Home Christmas Show. I would have paid full price for it, regardless, because it's so beautiful. It really brightens up my room and shines a beautiful, clean light. I team it with an energy saving bulb and I think it has a perfect glow.

I'd definitely recommend this lampshade if you're looking for a new one, and even if you're not right now, keep it in mind! I love to support independent businesses, especially when the products are as special as these ones.

Flower Shade Lotus Large
Mean and moody lampshade haha

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