Saturday, 3 May 2014

Essie In Stitches Nail Varnish Review

I'd fallen out of love with painting my nails recently, but thanks to Essie's In Stitches that has all changed. Essie describes it as a cheeky blush pink and I think that about sums it up. I like this particular pink because it doesn't have any blue in it. I've learnt that blue tones do not suit my colouring and I should go for more autumnal colours instead- including dusky pinks, terracottas and greens.

This is the perfect neutral pink for me because it's suitable for work and doesn't clash with any other colours. Well, so long as I stick to my flattering palette. I'm not a fan of bright pinks, so this muted tone is much better for me. I have a few Essie nail varnishes and I really like them. The brush is wide enough for one stroke per nail and the formulas are really long lasting. I wore this last week and it stayed on for a whole week without chipping. This is a miracle when you consider that I spend all day typing. 

At £7.99 you can't really go too wrong with In Stitches. I think that Essie can't be beaten for their range of colours and I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for my next purchase. I'll just be sure to stay away from the blues.

Essie In Stitches Nail Varnish 

Essie In Stitches Nail Varnish

Essie In Stitches Nail Varnish

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