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#LoveAtFirstStitch Brigitte Headscarf By Tilly & The Buttons | Hester Lierre

To celebrate the launch of her book, Tilly, from Tilly and the Buttons, invited everyone to join in the fun and make a Brigitte Scarf! I thought I'd jump in on the action and make a headscarf, since it's an easy pattern for a beginner like me, and Tilly provided a really helpful step by step picture guide. 

I wanted to join in the fun because I really like Tilly's blog and am thrilled that she's getting published. She definitely deserves it, after all the hard work she's put in and it's good to see someone so talented be rewarded and have their dreams come true. 

#loveatfirststitch brigitte scarf tilly buttons hester lierre
Enjoying the Great British sunshine while I can

For the Brigitte headscarf, I had to join two pieces of material together, because I didn't have a piece 150cm wide, but you can't tell, since I used a matching red thread. I did make the headband quite wide, but I've folded it over in these pictures because I prefer a smaller band on my head! 

As for the fabric itself, I've had it since uni and I think I bought it in the Victoria Centre Market for a ridiculously cheap price- something like £4 a metre. What a bargain. I can't remember what I did with the rest of it (it obviously didn't survive university) but I had some scraps that were perfect for this project.

#loveatfirststitch brigitte scarf tilly buttons hester lierre
Trying to channel the 1950s

In total, it probably took me about 30 minutes to make my Brigitte. I think I could have sped it up a bit, but I am terrible at accurately cutting out patterns, and I also had to rummage for red thread, but aside from that it was really easy to make and I'd recommend anyone give it a go.
I matched the scarf with my Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in the Redder the Better, which I have reviewed. I don't often get to wear it, so it's good to find an excuse! 

#loveatfirststitch brigitte scarf tilly buttons hester lierre
Not pictured: my hay fever

I'm excited to see everyone else's Brigittes and for me, it is truly #loveatfirststitch :)

#loveatfirststitch brigitte scarf tilly buttons hester lierre
Even the tulips got in on the action

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