Thursday, 29 May 2014

My Trip To Paris (Day 1)

Bonjour! Today was my first full day in Paris and I am completely knackered! I've been wearing my
Pedometer and today I walked 28000 steps and my feet feel like they're going to fall off!

I forgot to take my iPad with me, so I only have photos on my dslr, so rather than take photos of my viewfinder, here's a terrible photo of some of the stuff I got/did:

Today I visited:

Place de la Republique
Notre Dame
The Seine
Jardin Des Tuileries
Place de la Concorde
Champs Elysses
Arc Du Triomphe 
A Pharmacie
And miles and miles of Paris backstreets

See, I would have done more, but I decided (in my great wisdom) to try to walk from my hotel to the Notre Dame. Without a map. Unsurprisingly, I got hideously lost and ended up in Place de la Republique. Nice as it was, it was in completely the wrong direction. Oops. However, instead of just getting on the Metro like any sane person would, I decided to keep walking in the hope that I would magically end up in the right place. No dice. I walked in a gigantic circle and ended up having to get on the Metro anyway, just half an hour after I should have. Oops.

So then I decided to actually go to Notre Dame and did eventually find it because the bells were ringing! This got me singing "the bells, bells, bells bells, beeeeeeells oooof Nooootre Daaaaaaaaame" from Hunchback for pretty much the rest of the day, so that was fun for all involved (ie me) 

I didn't actually end up going into Notre Dame because the queue was at least an hour and I had other things to see. I probably would have waited if I hadn't wasted so much time wandering around dodgy back alleys... Maybe tomorrow. Notre Dame that is, not the back alleys.

Since I was in the area, I thought I'd pop by and see my good friend Mary Magdalane's remains under the Louvre pyramid. Just kidding! You joker, Dan Brown, you. The Louvre itself was housed in a beautiful building but it was so busy and so hot I have to admit that it wasn't an enjoyable viewing experience. The crowd around the Mona Lisa was especially stressful and the painting itself distinctly underwhelming. The highlight of the Louvre for me was Michelangelo's dying slave. I love love love Michelangelo and it was a real privilege to see one of his sculptures in person. I'm looking forward to going to the Musee D'Orsay tomorrow and seeing how it compares to the madness of the Louvre.

The next stop on my whistle stop tour of Paris was the Champs Elysses and to get there, you had to walk through the beautiful Tuileries gardens. I got a great photo of a pigeon sitting on the head of a statue (exciting stuff) and got my first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. But I'm saving that for tomorrow. 

The main motivation for going to the Champs Elysses was, to be honest, to go to Sephora. Lots and lots of people love Sephora and there are some brands you can't easily get in the UK there, so I gave it a look. To be honest, I was disappointed that I didn't like anything! I wanted to try the Make Up Forever HD foundation but the shop assistant insisted on putting such a dark colour on me and I really didn't like it. I think I came over a bit shy because I should have just asked for a different colour, but it was crowded and I didn't really like the texture. I also spied the Marc Jacobs range and had a quick swatch of that. So many people love the Lolita palette, but it is literally the same as every other neutral eyeshadow palette. I don't get the fuss. Some of the other palettes were gorgeous, but I didn't end up getting anything. Mainly because I'm hand luggage only.

I ended up going into a Pharmacie (not City Pharma because goodness knows how lost I would have been trying to find it, but a random one- they are literally everywhere) and picked up a mini Bioderma (so cute!) and a La Roche Posay BB Cream, which I liked much better than any of the foundations I tried in Sephora. I haven't actually bought any foundation with me, and actually, I think BB cream, or tinted moisturiser is all I need. It's much less stuffy than cakey foundation. Anyway, so I'll try the BB cream out tomorrow and report back. I know you can get La Roche Posay in Boots, so it was mildly strategic on my part, so that if I liked it, I could get it again!

The last big monument I saw today was the Arc du Triomphe. It's great because under 25s get free entry to everything except the Eiffel Tower, so more money for make up haha. I really liked the Arc du Triomphe. Although I didn't like the spiral staircases you had to climb to get up and down. Although at least they were fortified and had proper railings, unlike the ones in some English castles. Medieval people must have had tiny feet because I don't have particularly huge feet and mine always hang off the stairs. (What a bizarre tangent)

Once I'd come down from the Arc du Triomphe I realised that I was very very tired, so ended up getting room service haha. So lazy but so worth it. Tomorrow I'm hoping to see all the stuff I didn't get to today and the big lessons learnt are:

1. Get the Metro
2. Bring a map
3. Get the Metro

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