Friday, 30 May 2014

My Trip To Paris (Day 2)

I write this with my feet in the bath because I have walked 34000 steps today and they actually feel like they're going to fall off. I bought a fizzing bath cube from Sephora today (woo I did buy something from there in the end) but I don't know how much difference it makes. I do know that it feels better than standing!

Today has been a bit of a crazy day! I don't even know if I want to write it all down... 

I visited:
Moulin Rouge
Pere Lachaise cemetery
Pompidou Centre
Lots of shops including Sephora! (A different one)
The Bastille
Louvre (again)
Palais Royal area
Musee D'Orsay
The Eiffel Tower
And a few other places inbetween that I can't remember the names of off the top of my head. I also bought some truly hideous sunglasses as you can see below. Mmm fashion.

I started off the day at the Moulin Rouge (because I thought it would be safer to visit during the daytime ) and by visit I mean I got off the metro, took a picture and got back on it haha. On the metro, three guys got on with a cello, a clarinet and a guitar and started playing La Bamba. It was amazing! I generally don't like buskers on the tube, but because I'm on holiday, it was charming! They were so jolly and enthusiastic, it was impossible not to get swept up in it.

The next stop on my journey was Pere Lachaise cemetery. This actually ended up being my favourite place of the whole trip. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The main reason I went was to see Oscar Wilde's grave, but it was really thought provoking to see the different tombs and final resting places. I felt very calm there and very serene. 

The next part of the day was a big lot of (you guessed it) getting lost. I seriously have a special talent for it. Although, in my defence, I don't think that Paris is particularly well sign posted. At least, it doesn't have those helpful street maps that London has, which are a complete lifesaver. 

So, basically I was trying to find the Pompidou centre and ended up wandering around some random side streets. It actually turned out quite well because I found some lovely little shops and had a good browse. There was one really cool shop called Fleux, which was like a cooler version of Tiger, which I really liked. However, all the stuff I liked, I couldn't take home on the flight with me, so there were no ridiculously overpriced designer scissors for me. Boo.

Eventually I got to the Pompidou centre, but there was a huge queue. An hour plus and I just thought, forget it. I'm not that into modern art (I much prefer the older stuff) and I had other things to do. So I wandered round a bit more and looked in some shops. I then saw on the map that the Bastille was nearby and I got that annoying Bastille song stuck in my head (but if you close your eyes eh eh eh eh oh eh eh eh eh oh etc etc) so I decided, well, since it's in my head, I might as well go there. Turns out, there's nothing to see. Well, there's a big column, but you know, I was expecting a Les Mis style garrison. Unless I completely missed it that is. I was a little miffed, but felt better once I had that song out of my system.

Now, here's where the day took an unexpected turn. I decided to go back to the Louvre to take some selfies by the pyramid (lol get me) and rest my feet. I was attempting to take selfies with my dslr and failing (obvs) and this French guy came up to me and made some joke about whether I take pictures of the scenery or just of myself (ha ha very funny) and then offered to take one of me. I agreed, since I had been struggling for the best part of half an hour. I really need to step up my selfie game, yo. So then we got chatting about cameras and Paris and whatever and he offered to show me the Palais Royal and I said yes because, you know, it's nice to see somewhere that isn't on the tourist route. 

We were wandering round and having a chat and then suddenly (sorry about this mum and dad if you're reading) he turned around and asked me if I would like to come back to his hotel room and "make love" errrrrrr what?!?!?!?! I was more than a bit shocked and of course said no. I couldn't believe that it was actually happening. It's like the plot to some cheesy rom com from the bargain bin. He was quite persistent, and ahem descriptive, but I declined and we parted ways. He did offer to wait outside my hotel if I changed my mind... Hmm #yesallwomen

Anyway, so I was a bit shaken by this experience, and sought refuge in the Musee D'Orsay, where I was approached my another middle aged French man! Did I have a sign on my back or something? I think this one was just being friendly, but I wasn't taking any chances. I had a wander around the gallery and I have to say I much prefer it to the Louvre. It's airier, less busy and has better works, in my opinion. I know it's not very fashionable, but I loved the baroque section and am secretly hoping it makes a comeback because I'm tacky at heart. They also had an absolutely stunning ball room on display and although it said no photos I snuck a few! 

Once I'd suitably recovered from all my potential suitors haha, I made my way to the Eiffel Tower because it was the last big monument on my list. I didn't end up going up it, not because of the queue this time, but because it was really high! I always think I don't have a problem with heights, but I think I actually do. The Arc du Triomphe made me very nervous and that was a sandcastle compared to the Eiffel Tower. Maybe I should have asked that French bloke to hold my hand haha. I did sit in the gardens around the tower and did some people watching. There were some girls shooting a music video, a bride and groom having a picnic (still in wedding outfits) and lots of loved up couples. Aww. 

I feel like that's hardly anything, but I did spend a long time in each of these places, well, except for the Moulin Rouge haha. Today has been a bit mental, but I have enjoyed it. Well, parts of it..! It's my last day tomorrow and I think I'm just going to take it easy and go for a bit of a wander around Montmatre or something. My flight is in the middle of the day, so I can't see too much, but it'll be good to see something that's not so crammed with tourists. But for now- sleep!


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