Saturday, 24 May 2014

Simplicity 2906 Easy Skirt Pattern Review

I made a skirt! I actually sewed my own skirt! I'm amazed and giddy and proud of myself! It's the Simplicity 2906 Easy Skirt Pattern and it was actually not that hard. It's my first venture into dressmaking and I have to declare it a success! I mean, it's not perfect- but it fits and it hasn't fallen apart, so I am over the moon.

Simplicity 2906 East Skirt Pattern
Awkward Pose 1 

I made the A variation, since summer is coming and I needed a light summer skirt. In the Autumn I will definitely make the B variation, which is a pencil skirt. The pattern also comes with a purse, which I might make with some leftover fabric when I get the chance. 

I bought the fabric from a market near where I work for just £2 a metre! Crazy! I don't know what fabric it is, but I liked the print and it draped really well. I had a bit of trouble cutting it out because it was so slippery. Cutting this fabric was probably the hardest part of making this skirt. It just did not want to be cut in a straight line! I managed to cope quite well, but it made the hem slightly uneven. But you can't see it from a distance, so it's ok!

Simplicity 2906 East Skirt Pattern
Awkward Pose 2

The skirt itself was pretty easy to make. It has three pattern pieces and comes with detailed instructions. Although sometimes I did deviate from the instructions because for one thing, it doesn't  actually tell you to hem your skirt! I didn't know how to insert a zip and the instructions weren't enlightening me, so I looked on youtube and found this amazing zip tutorial on youtube, which made the process completely painless. 

I think that this pattern is really easy to make and follow, but I did need to look up some of the terms online and watch some youtube videos to understand the process. I learnt a lot making this skirt- the most important lesson being patience! It's so important to take your time to pre-wash the fabric, iron it, iron the pattern, cut it out properly and stick to the seam allowances! The actual sewing took no time at all, but it was the preparation that really took time. I'm glad that I did it properly though, because it really does make all the difference!

Simplicity 2906 East Skirt Pattern
My zip! It's there to stay
For my first ever dressmaking project I am very happy with the results. I mean, the hem is a bit wonky and the waistband twists a bit and the inside of the skirt is a bit messy, but you know what? I don't care! I'm really proud of my skirt and I can't wait to make more items for my wardrobe!

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