Sunday, 15 June 2014

Crystal Palace Football Cake Baking Fail!

I have decided that my new arch nemesis is food colouring. Why oh why does it never turn out the colour that it is on the packet?! 

For Father's Day, my brother and I always make my Dad a cake based on one of his favourite things. Last year it was David Bowie, and this year, in the spirit of the World Cup, we made it football themed- a football on the outside, with red and blue stripes on the inside for his favourite team- Crystal Palace (Power 2 da Pulis!)

It was all going well- the batter was coming along nicely- all we had to do was add the food colouring. We'd bought the Dr Oetker Food Colourings from Tesco and a word of warning: DO NOT BUY THESE! As you can see from below, they did not turn our batter "Bright Red' and 'Sky Blue'-  instead they turned it magenta and turquoise. Not quite the colours Crystal Palace play in...

The cake itself tasted pretty good and I was happy with the way I put the fondant icing on. I mean, the pentagons could have been a bit more pentagony, but aside from that, the rest was good. Except for the stupid food colouring. I've since done some research online and apparently the gel ones are the best.


There's always next year!

Crystal Palace Football Cake
A pastel coloured Palace

Crystal Palace Football Cake
Tumblr Palace, non?

David Bowie Cake
Note the different sized pupils on our David Bowie cake- detail


  1. Still looks good..did you get the food dye in Brighton.

    1. Thanks! Just got it in Tesco, but I think I need to find some better dye!


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