Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Loaf's New #BonjourBlighty collection

Loaf Logo

I recently discovered the furniture shop, Loaf, and I am in loaf...I mean love. Lame joke, but my love for this shop is no joke. The furniture is absolutely beautiful. It's my sort of thing- individual, comfy and absolutely gorgeous. They've recently released a new collection- Bonjour Blighty- which is a mixture of French elegance and relaxed British style. Since I got back from Paris, I have been coveting French style and this collection is the perfect marriage of my two favourite styles of furniture.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from the beautiful pictures on the Loaf website and did spend an embarrassingly long amount of time drooling over everything on sale. In the end, I whittled it down to just four items from the Bonjour Blighty collection that are my favourite:

Schnuffle Pouffe, which would look so good in my imaginary dream living room. I particularly like the knitted top. I do like a bit of stocking stitch.

Loaf Schnuggle Pouffe
Loaf's beautiful footstool from the #BonjourBlighty collection

Indiana Lampshade is a rustic beauty. I can see this on my porch, or maybe over the dining table. I think it helps that the photographs on the loaf website are so beautiful. Definitely aspirational living.

Indiana Lampshade Loaf
Loaf's rustic Indiana lampshade

The Tuppence Runner would subtly brighten up any room in the house. I'd love to put this in my bedroom, but alas, I don't think it would go with my purple walls... Maybe once I've redecorated. I can almost feel how soft this rug would be underfoot.

Tuppence Runner Loaf
The Tuppence runner is beautifully muted

And you can't mention Loaf without mentioning one of their beds. I am in love with their Claude bed, which is the perfect blend between French elegance and British heritage. I think I'll definitely be saving my pennies for this one. Especially once I move out and can get a double bed- because Claude is what dreams are made of!

Loaf Claude bed
Loaf's gorgeous Claude bed

So now I have major furniture envy, I'm off to pin as much as I can to pinterest and cry about how my bedroom is too small to fit a double bed in. Jk, I will actually be on the Loaf website. I encourage you to have a look-see too. You won't be disappointed!


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