Saturday, 14 June 2014

Staunton Country Park, Hampshire

Last weekend I went down to Hampshire to visit a good friend. We went for a picnic (which I unfortunately didn't take a picture of but let's just say it was pretty substantial haha) in Staunton country park. The park is part of a country house, but we didn't go to the house, just the (free) park and lake. It was a glorious day, with beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine. But with lots of sunshine come lots of kids. And screaming. And dogs. 

It did calm down a bit after a while, but the landscape is not quite so idyllic when there are families shouting and screaming... But the English countryside always pulls through.

I took quite a few photos, but have managed to whittle them down. The bright light made taking photos a little difficult, but I think I got my camera on the right settings in the end. I tried to underexpose the shots a bit to compensate for the light. No idea if that's what you're supposed to do, but it seemed to work!

The lake looks alright here, but that's because the screeching children are out of shot

I love wild flowers

The sunlight was so pretty

There was a lot of walking involved!

A creepy old door covered in ivy

The old stable block

Bizarre carved wooden statues

A lovely cowering statue...

A flower crown for the car!

What a stunning sunset- it reminds me of Hercules

A nice hobbity bridge

The English countryside is a beaut

Just chilling with nature like Wordsworth, yo.


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