Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Riverside Vegetaria Restaurant In Kingston

Last weekend, my grandparents and I took a stroll down the riverbank at Kingston to visit the Riverside Vegetaria. As the name suggests, they're a vegetarian restaurant and their food is brilliant! Riverside reminded me a lot of Crocus Cafe in Nottingham (which, incidentally, I should go back and visit because their pakoras are to die for). They serve simple vegetarian food with a lot of aubergine (good), chickpeas (excellent) and courgette (my current favourite). My grandparents are definitely meat and two veg people, so it was lovely of them to take me to a veggie restaurant, and they enjoyed it, so it must have been good!

Their Menu is the same all year round, but with some variations on a blackboard. I opted for the Courgette, Mushroom and Lentil bake and it was so creamy and delicious. Really, I should have gone for something a bit less calorific, but you know, #YOLO!!!!! (I'm least I hope I am...) My grandparents went for the veggie lasagne and the Caribbean casserole and there were three empty plates at the end of the meal. We all had the sharing platter to start, which was delicious. The highlight was mushrooms cooked in a tomato sauce, which were so plump and juicy. I must work out which spices they put in because it was perfection. A fruit crumble for pudding rounded the meal off and I was one happy bunny.

I'd recommend the Riverside Vegetaria for meat eaters and veggies alike. There's not a huge amount of variation in the dishes, but I suppose that's so they can serve you faster. My only real complaint was that the waiter was a man of few words, and by few I mean 'ok.' And that was it. Maybe we caught him in a bad mood. He could have been a huge Spain fan. Who knows?!

We also went for a wander down the waterfront and I took some pictures, which you can peruse below if you care to. I'd like to walk the whole way to Hampton Court one day, but maybe when it's not so muggy. Those were some angry, overcast clouds!

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames
Bridge Over the River Thames

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames Boats
House Boats aplenty!

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames Red Flower Boxes
I do like a pretty red flower box

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames Path
I almost felt like I was on holiday

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames Swans
The swans were going mental for scraps of bread!

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames Please Don't Feed The Birds
Oh the irony....

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames House Boats
If you keep walking, you get to Hampton Court

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames Crazy House Boats
These people had really gone to town with the decorations

KIngston Riverside Walk River Thames Riverside Vegetaria Restaurant
The Riverside Vegetaria restaurant on, you guessed it, the riverside

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